Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

In the business world it is not enough to make a good product or offer a good service, it is also necessary to know how to attract customers and even more; how to retain them. It is for this and other reasons that the development of advertising and marketing was given way.

You may think that the last words mentioned above refer to exactly the same thing, but the truth is that they do not. If you want to know a little more about it, keep reading, because here we explain what the difference between marketing and advertising is.

MARKETING  Difference Between Advertising and Marketing 

Marketing has to do with the systematic planning, implementation and control of business activities whose main purpose is to maintain the relationship between sellers and buyers. It comprises a wide variety of activities aimed at selling a product or service.

Marketing focuses on selling a business image, deciding how to distribute services or products based on a series of factors and on satisfying the needs and desires of customers.

Marketers implement a series of strategies to know not only how to get the best out of the business now, but also in the future. They analyze the market, the distribution channels, take into account the products and services that compete, work with strategic prices, budget and sales.

Simply put, marketing has more to do with public relations than direct selling of products and services.


On the other hand, advertising is only one aspect of marketing. It consists of a series of public announcements that contain messages whose purpose is to persuade people to buy something from a certain sponsor.

Advertising is the non-personal promotion of the services and products of a business and its focus is to make new potential customers aware of what is being offered. It is focused solely on products and services.

The process for advertising follows more or less the following line: determine the audience, agree with the media, launch advertisements and finally analyze the results.

We can find advertising on television, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines, brochures, emails and even by phone calls.

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