Difference Between Immigration and Migration

Both human beings and the rest of the animals move from one place to another in search of a better quality of life, resources, tranquility in short, seeking to improve our situation; But there are several terms related to this phenomenon that we often confuse without knowing that they refer to different things.  Difference Between Immigration and Migration

On this occasion we are going to explain to you what the difference is between migration and immigration, two concepts that are often not understood.

IMMIGRATION  Difference Between Immigration and Migration

Immigrants are those who leave their hometown and settle permanently in a new place. There are several reasons why people choose to move in this way, among the main ones we can mention: economic crisis, political issues and family reunification.

Immigrants are the people who leave their place of birth and manage to settle in a new place or country. They carry with them the documents that identify them as immigrants (although there are also illegal immigrants). 

From the aforementioned, it follows that immigration represents the entry of people to a country or territory, which is not the same in which they were born. Therefore, it is the opposite of emigration, which refers to the departure of people from one region, country to go to another.


Migration refers to the movement or transfer of people or animals from a certain country or region to another place, which can be within the same country or outside it.

In this case, the migration process is understood as having to do with the establishment of people in a new place to satisfy their wishes. In general, it is observed that people migrate in search of work or a better economy.

Key differences between migration and immigration

  • Migration is the process in a general sense of moving and settling in a place that is not the place of birth or origin, while immigration is one of the aspects or approaches of migration; in this case, it is the approach that has to do with the entry of people to a region or country different from that of their birth.

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