Difference Between Love and Devotion

Often feelings can be very confusing for both the sufferer and also for other people with whom individuals relate. Difference Between Love and Devotion

Without a doubt, one of the most important and often confusing feelings is love; That is why below we will analyze the difference between this feeling and another with which it is often confused: devotion.

LOVE  Difference Between Love and Devotion

Generally, love is explained as an intense emotion or feeling of deep affection and attachment towards someone or something. It is defined as a long-lasting feeling, which involves affection and commitment.

Love could also refer to the emotions that a deep attraction generates. Not only limited to other human beings, a person can also love objects, animals and even ideas. Love could also be said to be a very powerful connection and a link between two entities.

Love can exist and manifest itself in many ways. It can be romantic, filial, erotic, platonic, among others. The manifestations of love range from simple gestures to bursts of passion.

The person who feels love, seeks the protection, growth, well-being and comfort of the object of his love. As a feeling, love inspires emotions such as joy, peace, and serenity.


Etymologically, devotion means dedication, consecration and sincere attachment to a cause or person. The term devotion is commonly used in the religious or cult realm . In short, devotion refers to strong selfless affection and earnest dedication to a person or principle.

In most cases, devotion is associated with God or any other deity. A devotee does not think in terms of his own well-being, but puts the interests of the object that provokes his devotion before his own.

Devotion is not cultivated, it is something that occurs spontaneously; devotion that says it is cultivated is regarded as a deception.

There can be love without devotion, but no devotion without love. Although it is true that in love there must necessarily be a certain dedication, devotion entails a more intense dedication than that which occurs in love.

Key difference between love and devotion

  • Love may or may not be unconditional, but devotion is always unconditional.
  • Love is a feeling of attachment and affection towards someone or something. Devotion is an intense dedication to a person, idea or deity.
  • The term “love” is used mostly to refer to couple relationships, while the term “devotion” is used more frequently in the religious sphere.

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