Difference Between Socialization and Orientation with Proper Definition and Brief Explanation

Key difference –  socializing vs. Orientation

Socialization and orientation are two processes that take place in any society, between which a key difference can be identified. All of us go through the process of socialization when we become part of society. However, orientation is a bit different from socialization, although it is also a form of introduction to a particular context. You may have heard of orientation programs that take place in organizations and even universities or similar venues. The intent of these programs is to familiarize the individual with the context. By engaging in a comparison between socialization and orientation, the key difference between them can be highlighted as that time Socialization encapsulates the entity of society.The orientation is limited only to a particular context, such as an organization .

What is socialization?

Socialization refers to a process through which the individual becomes familiar with society and the social group. . In all societies, from the beginning of human history, socialization took place. However, the socialization process differs from one society to another mainly due to the values ​​that each society upholds. For example, although a child in a tribal society may be taught specific values, these may be completely different from those in another society.

The socialization process begins from childhood itself. Therefore, the main agent of socialization becomes the child’s immediate family. This process not only focuses on the conscious learning process that the child experiences when parents teach him what is right and what is wrong. It also includes the unconscious learning process and the place where the child internalizes what he notices in the world around him. There are many social agents who attend this process, such as the family, school, religion, etc. These agents internalize the values, customs, laws, accepted behavior, traditions and customs of the young child.

What is orientation?

Orientation refers to a process through which the individual is introduced to the new environment. . Orientation programs take place in institutions and organizations to familiarize new employees with the organizational environment. It is important to bear in mind that although the person is socialized in the social environment, through orientation, the individual enters a subcultural environment.

This can be well understood by the orientation programs that take place in universities. Students are not only introduced to the courses they will follow, but also to the university subculture. As you can see, there is a clear difference between socialization and orientation. This can be summarized as follows.

What is the difference between socialization and orientation?

Definitions of socialization and orientation

Socialization: Socialization refers to a process through which the individual becomes familiar with society and the social group.

Orientation: Orientation refers to a process through which the individual enters the new environment.

Characteristics of socialization and orientation


Socialization: Socialization is carried out through all social institutions.

Orientation: Orientation takes place in specific places such as institutions, organizations, etc.


Socialization: The intention is to familiarize the individual with social values, norms, customs, customs, etc. to internalize socially accepted behaviors in the individual.

Orientation: Orientation is intended to introduce the individual to the environment so that they begin to know the rules, regulations, accept behavior, ethics, etc.


Socialization: Socialization begins from childhood itself.

Orientation: Orientation begins when the individual enters the stage.

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