Difference Between Teaching and Training with Proper Definition and Brief Explanation

The difference between them is that teaching is a process of imparting knowledge and skills by a teacher to an apprentice, which involves activities such as educating or instructing while training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts and rules. Both teaching and training are related to the development of an individual’s competencies. For the most part, teaching is practiced in schools, while training is practiced in workplaces. This article makes a small analysis of these two concepts, teaching and training.

What is teaching? 

Teaching is a process of educating a person with theoretical concepts and is a kind of knowledge transfer between a teacher and a student. The role of the teacher is to act as a facilitator of learning by leading the discussions, providing opportunities to ask questions. questions, guiding the processes and tasks and allowing the active participation of students and to participate with ideas. Teachers are busy in schools with the main purpose of educating children to grow up as good citizens in the world. Today’s children are the future leaders of society. Therefore, teaching can be considered as an important concept.

What is training?

Training is a technique frequently used in organizations to develop an individual’s skills, knowledge, and attitudes to meet the accepted standards of a specific industry. Even though the person has achieved the highest academic qualifications, each person who joins the organizations as an employee has to undergo training for a specific period.

Training can be offered as on-the-job training or off-the-job training. Depending on the work position it can vary. On-the-job training refers to training offered to employees while performing work activities. In most cases, this type of training is offered to employees who have similar work experience in some other workplace. Off-the-job training is offered to these employees initially to develop their competencies to match the job requirements. Then those who complete their training period / probationary period are appointed as permanent employees in the company.

Key differences

• Teaching is related to theoretical concepts, while training is the practical application of knowledge.

• Training has a more specific focus than teaching.

• Teaching seeks to impart new knowledge while training equips those who already have tools and techniques to develop a set of specific skills.

• One of the goals of teaching is to enrich the minds of listeners, while the main goal of training is to shape the habits or performance of individuals.

• Teaching is generally within the context of the academic world, while training is associated with the business world.

• Typically, teachers give feedback to their students, while trainers receive feedback from students.

• In order to develop as a competent professional, a person must have an understanding of theoretical concepts and have practical exposure. Therefore, teaching and training are equally important concepts.

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