Difference Between Title and Position

We all occupy a place in society, some are part of a group that is considered better positioned within the social hierarchy in question and others are somewhat lower in terms of social status.  Difference Between Title and Position

All this results in the fact that in most social contexts we talk about titles and positions, two terms that describe different things and share certain similarities; but that despite what many people mistakenly believe, they are not interchangeable.

If you have doubts about the difference between position and title or are simply looking for a little more information to complement what you already know, then continue reading, because below we explain everything you need to know about to this interesting topic that, although it is quite common, is often misunderstood.

QUALIFICATION  Difference Between Title and Position

In certain contexts, titles are used as prefixes or suffixes added before or after someone’s name. They refer to or describe any official, professional or academic position that the individual in question has. However, titles are also used as a sign of respect for a person.

There are titles that are hereditary (very few), but in a general sense, titles can be classified as follows: nobility, academic and honor degrees. There are also the titles of authority, which are those that are conferred on the place that an officer occupies within the institution to which he belongs.

The following are default titles that we often hear out of respect: Sir, Madam, and Miss. There are also some legislative titles: representative, governor, spokesman Aristocratic titles : prince, count, duke and knighthood: knight, lady.


On the other hand, position is the place that a person occupies within a given context, it is not limited only to the general sense of society; it can even be within the work environment.

In most cases, we talk about positions in the work or business context, although they also have to do with social status and any field in which an individual operates (including the sports context).

Finally, titles always demarcate a position; however, not all the positions that a subject can occupy in society are officially recognized; In other words, regardless of whether you occupy a certain position, you do not always have a title; since the latter is reserved for very special cases.

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