Difference Between Architect and Engineer

An engineer is a person whose job is to design and build engines, machines, roads, bridges, etc., while an architect designs buildings only. An engineer can specialize in chemical, civil, electrical, lighting, mechanical, software, sound, industrial, structural, aeronautical engineering, etc. All of these engineering streams have their specific requirements and focus of study and training.

An architect also oversees the construction of any building they have designed. The word is derived from Latin and Greek roots that technically mean “chief builder.” An architect should primarily focus on aesthetics when designing buildings, but on the other hand, he should take into account aspects such as safety and the practical utility of the building. An architect should also be aware of local laws so that they do not include structures in their plan that are not legally permitted. For example, there are laws about the distance of the walls from the building area, the actual area that has been built on a plot of land, whether or not a swimming pool can be allowed, what are the requirements for a basement, etc.

An architect should also be aware of the spaces needed to map the building before construction begins.

An engineer’s work is based on a much larger canvas. It will help the architect in the practical implementation of the design when it comes to a building, but can also specialize in other specific aspects of the whole process. So the architect is limited to designs only. An engineer will be more adept at explaining and calculating exactly what material will be needed, how it will need to be fixed, etc.

Both architects and engineers work for governments around the world, but when it comes to militaries, engineers have a special role to play. They have to worry not only about the construction of the building, but also about the best way to destroy structures like bridges, buildings, etc. into enemy territory if necessary.

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