Are frogs and toads the same with definition

One of the main differences between frogs and toads is that the skin of toads is rough and rough-looking, that of frogs is smooth and wet in appearance. These are just one of the many differences between these two animals. If you want to discover them all, keep reading and discover all their distinctions.  Are frogs and toads the same with definition

The skin of frogs is wet in appearance and that of toads is dry.

What are frogs? Are frogs and toads the same with definition 

Frogs, or also called ” Ranidae “, are amphibians that belong to the Anura family. They do not have a tail (as is typical of this family), their body is small. Also, unlike other members of the species, their skin is smooth and shiny.

Frog eggs are fertilized externally from the water, they undergo a typical metamorphosis of the species. As in most amphibians, in their embryonic stage, frogs have a tail, but eventually they detach from it. In addition, they subsequently develop their front legs and lose their gills.

As time goes by, the external appearance of the frog tadpoles becomes radically different from the initial appearance. At the end of its growth and take on the characteristic appearance of frogs.

Characteristics of frogs 

One of the characteristics that make frogs stand out from other Anurans is the strength of their hind legs. A strength that allows them to make big jumps. In addition, frogs can have a wide range of colors in their skin (depending on the type of frog). Another special feature of frogs is that they cannot stay away from water for long, something is evident in the wet aspect of their skin.

What are Toads?

Toads, also known as ” Bufonidae “, are a group of amphibians belonging to the frog family: the anurans. It is common to confuse toads with other species, but they have their own characteristics that make them different. One of the most notable differences is her dry and flaky skin, as well as a plump figure.

Characteristics of toads

The hind legs of toads, unlike frogs, do not have much power to. For this reason they cannot make big jumps. They are amphibians that tend to move around on foot. Toads inhabit almost the entire globe, except for Australia and the polar regions.

The skin of a toad has toxins, the product of parathyroid glands located on its head. On the other hand, they do not have teeth (as in most Anuran amphibians). Its embryological life is governed by a series of deep physical transformations, from the appearance of gills, tail and crystalline skin (tadpoles), to becoming the terrestrial amphibian as we know it.

It is worth mentioning that the toads can be several days away from the water and even remain hidden in holes under the ground. Some species of toads such as icilius alvarius or Rinella   have a toxin (bufotenine) that causes hallucinogenic effects when it comes into contact with the animal’s skin.

Main differences: Frogs vs Toads

  • Frogs have strong hind legs that allow them to make great leaps, while toads do not, which explains the fact that toads walk more than frogs.
  • The skin of toads is rough and rough in appearance, that of frogs is smooth and moist in appearance.
  • Frogs generally have very colorful and striking appearances, on the other hand, toads do not have so much color variation on their skin (only few species).
  • Frogs cannot be away from water sources for long; toads, for their part, can spend days without contact with water.
  • Toads do not have a membrane between their fingers (since they are more prepared to be on land), frogs do have these membranes

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