brain and mind relationship in tabular form

brain and mind relationship in tabular form The terms brain and mind are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. In fact, the mind is associated with the brain. For its part, the brain is considered something physical and the mind, for its part, is considered mental.

The brain is made up of nerve cells and can be touched, while the mind cannot be touched. Let’s explore in detail the main difference between brain and mind.

Comparison: brain and mind relationship in tabular form

The following are the important differences between the brain and the mind:

Brain Mind
It’s a physical concept It’s a mental concept
It is made up of blood vessels and nerve cells It is not made up of any cells and is hypothetical
It has a definite shape and structure. It has no definite shape and structure.
Coordinates the brain, movements, feelings and different functions of the body Refers to a person’s awareness, understanding, and thought process
You can touch the brain You can’t touch the mind

The debate about the difference between brain and mind has been going on since the time of Aristotle. The mind is considered a pure vibrant energy, while the brain is considered a physical manifestation of the mind. The above differences could have helped to understand how the mind and the brain are two different entities.

Typically humans are characterized as having both a mind (nonphysical) and body/brain (physical). This is known as dualism. Dualism is the view that the mind and body both exist as separate entities. Descartes / Cartesian dualism argues that there is a two-way interaction between mental and physical substances.

Similarities brain and mind relationship in tabular form

Mind is associated with the brain. The two terms are often used interchangeably. Brain is considered to be a physical thing, the mind is considered to be mental. The brain is composed of nerve cells and can be touched, whereas, the mind cannot be touched. 

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