How to write a College Essay? with Proper Definition and Brief Explanation

This article provides a basic guide for college applicants to write a good college essay. Explain what a college essay is, the purpose of a college essay, the format of a college essay, and how to write a good college essay.

What is a college essay?

For many years, essays have been used as a means of assessing language and writing skills. It has been mainly linked to the academic field, as an essay written by a student reveals a lot about him / her, his / her rational power, his / her imagination, structure, coherence, creativity and power of thought. Among the numerous essays available in the world, the college essay is known as a written essay in order to gain entrance to the college of your choice. To secure a position at the school, a candidate student is generally asked to write an essay or a brief called as a personal statement. This writing is called a college essay.

What is the purpose of writing a college essay?

The purpose of writing a college essay is to show you and convince the admissions committee of the college you are applying to, not only to consider your application, but also to admit you. It is the only reason to write a college essay. Keep in mind that your university reveals a lot about you and your personality, a revelation that cannot be made with your grades, GPA, or certificates. Therefore, when writing one, you should keep in mind that the purpose of writing a college essay is to show who you are.

Format of a university essay

The essay should be simple, but it should be elegant and use formal language. It should also be concise and focused. Like any other essay, a college essay must have,

an introduction – Where do you say why you are writing the essay?

body of essay – where you support your reasoning with reasons

a conclusion – summarizing your essay


a reaffirmation of your purpose – for emphasis.

The college essay falls into the academic category of writing, therefore it should use eloquent vocabulary, lots of passive voice when necessary, and precise grammatical and syntactic structures. The essay is written in the first person and when writing about yourself, writing in an active voice denotes a sense of firmness, while the passive voice can sometimes cause insecurity.

How to get started with a college essay?

First of all, read aloud all the requirements given by the university and then brainstorm all the necessary details about yourself that will be detailed in the essay. It is always best to start as early as possible because then it gives you time to pay a lot more attention and give it the best shot. Be yourself when you are deciding what to write about yourself, it is not wise to make things up. Summarize your essay and begin writing according to your outline. As you write, always try to stay focused, your focus should be to tell the admissions committee why they should reserve a place for you at your university. Don’t make the essay too long, keep it around 600 words, and don’t write down all the details that might be unnecessary for this purpose. Also, the writing, proofreading and rewriting are usually successful. After careful thinking and writing, conclude your essay by emphasizing again your purpose and a strong point about yourself.

Good luck!

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