How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay? with Proper Definition and Brief Explanation

This article covers:                                                             How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

1. What is a comparison and contrast essay?

– Definition and characteristics

2. How to write a comparison and contrast essay?

– Steps to follow, Tips                              

What is a comparison and contrast essay?

A compare-and-contrast trial is a trial that discusses similarities and differences between two entities. This type of essay can analyze the focus on similarities or differences, or discuss similarities and differences. This content decision depends on the title of the essay.        

A comparison and contrast essay is not only aimed at discussing the differences and / or similarities between two things. The trial is expected to make one or both subjects focus more on attention and show that one is better than the other. A comparison and contrast essay could also lead to a new way of looking at something.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay 

1. Understand the title correctly           

You should always have a good understanding of the title before you start writing an essay. Compare and contrast essays can basically include three types of questions. Some topics can only ask for similarities and others for differences. Some topics may require comparison and contrast. For instance,

Compare Islam and Buddhism– Requires similarities

Contrast Islam and Buddhism. – Requires differences

Compare and contrast Islam and Buddhism– Requires both similarities and differences

2. Brainstorming                                          

The next step is to gather information. Write down all the characteristics, qualities or attributes of each thing, both the similarities and the differences. You can use a Venn diagram to easily separate differences and similarities. After you have written down all the qualities or attributes, select the most important of them.

Use a Venn diagram to easily separate differences and similarities

3. Organization of the trial

Before you start writing your essay, you need to decide on the organization of the essay. There are several ways to organize a compare and contrast essay:

Subject by Subject

In this type of essay, you start by describing a topic first. After describing all the characteristics of that topic, move on to the next topic. For example, imagine that you are comparing apples and oranges. You will first describe apples in detail and discuss all the qualities and attributes of them; then you will move on to the second topic, oranges.


Issue 1

Aspect 1

Aspect 2

Aspect 3

Topic 2

Aspect 1

Aspect 2

Aspect 3


Point by point

Rather than discussing the two topics separately, this structure compares them side by side. In this structure, each paragraph will discuss a main point and information on both topics.


Aspect 1

Aspect 2

Aspect 3

Aspect 4


The second point-by-point method is more appropriate for deciding what is the best of the two options. It is more argumentative and reads like a debate. The first method is more appropriate if you are using one topic to understand the other.

4. Writing the Introduction

The introduction should introduce the two themes or themes to be compared and contrasted. You should also mention what aspects or areas will be covered in the essay. You can also specify what you are going to do in the essay: will you present only the differences or will you see both sides?

Although the introduction comes at the beginning of the essay, you don’t have to write first. You can always write the introduction after you have completed the entire essay.

5. Body of the essay

Since you have already decided on the structure of the essay, this will not be difficult. If you are using a point-by-point structure, you can compare different aspects of the two topics separately. If you are using topic by topic, you have to describe different aspects of a topic and then move on to the next topic. 

6. Conclusion                                

Once you have finished writing all the points, you can begin the conclusion of the essay. The first thing you should do is summarize all the main points of the essay. Then evaluate the information, and come to a logical conclusion. For example, if you have found that one subject has more positive qualities than the other, you can conclude that the subject is better. However, not all comparison and contrast trials may have a similar conclusion. Instead of saying that one thing is better than the other, the writer can present an alternative way of looking at these issues as well.

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