cubic zirconia vs diamond side by side

In jewelry, there are two types of diamonds , at first glance, very similar: diamonds and zircons. Since it is two very similar jewels and it is very easy to confuse these gemstones for their similarity, here we present their main differences and how you can easily recognize them. cubic zirconia vs diamond side by side

What is a zirconia? cubic zirconia vs diamond side by side

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, it is an “artificial zirconium oxide gem , used in imitation diamond jewelry.” And it is that, this was born in 1976 when cubic zirconia appeared, which was translated into a real revolution in the world of diamond imitations. This, since it can be difficult to recognize if you do not have the necessary means. As they share some qualities, it can be a problem of purchase when believing for a diamond and another gemstone. 

Thus, since then zircons or zircons – also known in Europe as djevalite , phianite or diamonesque – are an accessible alternative to diamonds. Zirconia can be a fine stone -when it has its origin in zirconium oxide-, although nowadays they are mostly 100% synthetic, manufactured in laboratories for use in jewelry, mainly because they reduce the cost of jewelry , shaping a crystalline and brilliant gem. 

Today there are jewelry stores that create top quality items with zirconia, as is the case with Encantos Jewelry in Honduras. There you can find silver and crystal earrings, even with 18 k gold plated applications, all handmade.

Reference: Chic crystal and zirconia earrings with 18 k gold-plated fine silver , Jewelry Charms.

diamond , on the other hand, according to the RAE is a “precious stone made of crystallized carbon in the cubic system, which is used in jewelry for its brilliance and transparency and in industry for its high hardness.” 

Main differences between zircons and diamonds

At first glance they may look similar, but they are not. Here, the main aspects that you should analyze:

  1. The price. The diamond is worth significantly more, even if it is very small, than a zirconia.
  2. A piece of zirconia is heavier than a diamond of the same size, but not as hard.
  3. Zirconia has a power of 8.5 on the Mohs scale while a diamond (the hardest substance) has a power of 10.
  4. When shopping for jewelry with zirconia, the store will likely include a carat weight, but you should call it a “diamond equivalent” to help you understand how the (heavier) zircon would compare to a diamond of the same visual size.
  5. Cubic zirconia can be transformed into the same popular cuts and shapes that are used for colored diamonds and gemstones.
  6. A white zirconia is really colorless, without any of the inclusions found in an untreated diamond, think it too perfect.
  7. Cubic zirconia produces more flashes of color (fire) than a diamond.
  8. Some of today’s zircons are coated with a product that makes the stones more durable. The stones look more like real diamonds, although a jeweler will know that they are not.
  9. Colorful versions of zirconia are also available and have become popular in sync with the trend towards extravagant colored diamonds.

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