Difference Between Diamond And Brilliant

The main difference between these two jewelry terms is that the diamond refers to the raw gemstone. On the other hand, the brilliant concept refers to the stone already carved and worked, where the gem provides all its splendor. Hence the name of brilliant. Diamond And Brilliant

The term brilliant refers to the precious stone worked. On the other hand, the word diamond usually refers to the rough stone.

Diamond vs Brilliant. Main differences 

  • The first difference that must be highlighted is that the diamond is the piece in its raw state; while the brilliant is the piece already carved and perfected.
  • Although there are different prices in the world of diamonds, however, it can be said that a brilliant cut diamond will have a higher monetary value, the better the qualities that are achieved for the gemstone.
  • Finally, it can be noted that a diamond is more beautiful than a diamond.

What is a diamond? Diamond And Brilliant

A diamond is in mineralogical terms, an allotrope of carbon. Etymologically, the word diamond means “invincible or unalterable.” In other words, it is a crystalline form of carbon caused by extreme heat and pressure.

It should be noted that what we all know as diamond has been formed in depths of up to 140 km from the earth’s mantle; that is, the diamond that is on the “surface” does not originate from it.

For the diamond to form, it is necessary that some mineral containing carbon be subjected to a necessary pressure of up to 60 kilobars, and a temperature of 1300º. Now, these conditions occur in the mantle of the lithosphere, or in places where meteorites have impacted.

Characteristics of diamonds Diamond And Brilliant

This peculiar mineral has certain characteristics that make it unique in the world.

The first thing to highlight is its hardness, being one of the strongest minerals in the world. On the other hand, thanks to its crystalline structure that is extremely rigid, diamond can be contaminated by very few types of impurity.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the diamond comes in various colors and shapes, and can be red, green, yellow, pink, gray, purple. However, it is more common to see it transparent.

In terms of its shapes, the diamond can be a cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, dodecahedron rhombus, and dodecahedron.

What is a brilliant? 

In jewelry stores it is common to hear the word “brilliant”, however, many times it is not known with certainty what this term refers to (Within the context of jewelry).

The first thing to say is that a brilliant is a diamond, or any other precious stone that is cut with certain shapes and facets; with the aim of creating an exceptional shine.

Finally, it should be mentioned that diamonds are not found in mines with their artistic and striking shapes, they are mined in their raw form. Then they are subjected to carving processes, and from there they are called brilliants. However, it should be mentioned that this cut that is made means that the diamond has to lose about 50% of its weight.

Characteristics of diamonds 

Regarding the characteristics of the brilliants, it is necessary to emphasize its structure, this is elaborated meticulously so that the light refracts in a special way; This shape depends on its size, but this is always carried out in order to obtain a greater light on the top of the diamond.

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