Difference b/w Ambassador and Diplomat

The terms ambassador and diplomat are often used, although many people do not seem to understand the difference between the two. These two concepts are certainly related, but they should not be used interchangeably; since they describe different realities. Difference b/w Ambassador and Diplomat

DIPLOMATIC  Difference b/w Ambassador and Diplomat

A diplomat is a public official whose task is to represent the State at the time of establishing its international relations. You can be appointed to that position because of politics or because that is what you have studied as a career.

Before the 19th century, each country had its own system of diplomats. In 1815, the Congress of Vienna formally established an international system that included : Ambassador, Envoy, Resident Minister, and Charged ‘Affaires. As not all states assimilated this system, it was soon obsolete.

Currently, the word diplomatic is used to define any person who is appointed to a position in which he is in charge of carrying out diplomacy with other sovereign countries or with international organizations. The role of such person is to represent society and be responsible for making decisions on behalf of the country.

This job consists of traveling to different countries, sometimes staying there indefinitely until asked to return or the diplomat resigns from his post. It also has the function of interacting with foreign dignitaries, assisting citizens of your country who are visiting or living in others, and assisting foreign refugees .


Ambassador is actually a rank or title that is used to designate a type of diplomat. It is basically the highest rank you can aspire to in the diplomacy system.

An ambassador is in charge of representing the country in another host country and has some powers similar to those of the ruler of the nation when representing the state.

Ambassadors can use the title “Your Excellency.” In some countries, the title of High Commissioner is equivalent to that of ambassador, having the same functions as the latter.

Key differences between diplomat and ambassador

  • Diplomat is a more general category, while ambassador describes a type of diplomat.
  • A diplomat is any person in charge of representing the State before other countries or international organizations, while an ambassador is the highest rank to which a diplomat can aspire when representing his country.

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