Difference b/w Cultural Exchange and Appropriation

Today almost nothing seems impossible or distant to us, the phenomenon of Globalization has led to more and more getting to know other cultures and interacting with them. Now, it is important to distinguish between two things that can happen when such an interaction occurs. We have to recognize when we are appropriating another culture and when it is just a cultural exchange. Difference b/w Cultural Exchange and Appropriation 

If you do not know the difference between these two concepts, continue reading, as we will explain it to you below.

CULTURAL EXCHANGE  Difference b/w Cultural Exchange and Appropriation

It is about cultural exchange when one culture seeks to learn about the other. In this case, an exchange of information occurs.

Culture involves the beliefs, ideas, values, traditions, language and other aspects of the social life of each group of humans. Cultural exchanges happen naturally and are good, since they benefit both parties.

Cultural exchanges help to eliminate prejudices, stereotypes and racism; because when information is exchanged about another culture, people tend to feel one way or another closer to it.


On the other hand, it is a cultural appropriation when elements are taken from other cultures and introduced into one’s own, to the point that many times aspects of the culture to which one belongs are rejected or discarded in favor of the elements. acquired.

Cultural appropriation consists of taking the ideas and ways of acting from other cultures without really understanding the causes and consequences of this practice.

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