Difference b/w Environment and Atmosphere

Our planet is very rich and interesting, however, there are many things that we do not know about it; especially with regard to its biodiversity and ecosystems. Difference b/w Environment and Atmosphere

If you are a curious-minded person who always wants to know a little more about everything that surrounds you, continue reading, because precisely below we will explain to you what is the difference between atmosphere and environment; two elements by which in one way or another we are surrounded.

ATMOSPHERE  Difference b/w Environment and Atmosphere

The terrestrial ecosystem consists of the biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere. The latter can be defined as a layer composed of gases that covers the surface of the Earth. It has 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other elements.

The present condition of the atmosphere is defined by time and described after observing temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind, cloudiness, and precipitation. Today, with climate change, the protection of the ozone layer and air quality are some of the challenges that this layer faces.

On the other hand, the word atmosphere can be used to describe how it feels to be in a certain place, for example: “It was a suffocating atmosphere that was breathed in that home” or “I like the artistic atmosphere of this cafe.”

In short, the word atmosphere, when it does not describe the gas layer of our planet, is used to talk about the emotions and feelings associated with a certain place or environment.


The term environment refers to all living things and non-living things that surround us. It includes air, water, animals, objects that we have at home, and all the other things that we can find around us.

The environment can affect individuals and all of nature, for example, an environment in which contaminated water is abundant can result in people and other living beings that inhabit it and that depend on the water are at a disadvantage with respect to to those who are in an environment where there are no high rates of this type of contamination.

Finally, the word environment is also used to refer to the things that surround us but in a more limited way and related to personal experience, for example: “I like the work environment, because we all get along”. In this sentence it clearly refers to the environment within the work office, not that of the city, the country or any other place. Also, this word is often used to define characteristics or conditions in which an activity takes place, for example: “this school provides a suitable environment for learning.”

Key differences between atmosphere and environment

  • When these words are not used in the context of biology, environment usually refers to the physical aspect of what surrounds us; whereas atmosphere normally refers to the feelings or emotions that are related to a certain place or environment.

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