Difference b/w Legislation and Litigation

Every nation needs to establish rules and laws so that citizens can live together in order and harmony, however, creating such laws and forming an entire legal code is not enough; since it is also necessary to determine the way to enforce them. Difference b/w Legislation and Litigation

As we know that this topic may interest you, below we have decided to clarify what the difference is between litigation and legislation; two concepts closely related to laws and their enforcement.

LEGISLATION    Difference b/w Legislation and Litigation

Legislating refers to the act of making or promulgating laws , hence the collective laws are known as legislations. These laws are produced by Parliament or by those who have been authorized to carry out the legislative process.

How is it legislated? Following this process: it begins by presenting an idea or suggestion, said idea is presented in a document or paper, the document is observed by the legislative representatives, the legislators will vote for or against the proposal, if the proposal is accepted then it is becomes law.


On the other hand, the term litigation refers to the legal procedure followed in order to resolve a dispute. It consists of a method that involves a third element that remains neutral and does not favor either of the two parties involved in the problem.

The court itself is regarded as this third impartial element. She listens to the arguments of both parties and after the trial, she finally gives her verdict.

To better understand the concept of litigation, consider the following example: two siblings have fought over the way they must share a property inherited from their ancestors. Since they did not reach a consensus, then they have had to take the case to court. The court listens to what both of you have to say, but the case remains open for as long as the process of paying attention to what those involved has to say takes. In such a case it can then be said that the two brothers are in the middle of a litigation process.

Finally, the relationship between these two terms can be seen in the fact that the laws that are made during the legislative process serve as a guide when carrying out the litigation process.

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