Difference b/w Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestra

Many people, especially those who like music , have probably wondered at some point, what is the difference between a Symphony Orchestra and a Philharmonic Orchestra? If you are one of the many curious who prowls the net in search of the answer to this question, after what we are going to tell you next, you will either be very calm or very disappointed: there is no difference between the two. Difference b/w Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestra

Here’s a bit of history to give you an idea about where the confusion might originate.

HISTORY  Difference b/w Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestra 

A Symphony Orchestra is a group of musicians who are especially dedicated to interpreting symphonies . Based on the above, some people might believe that a Philharmonic Orchestra receives that name because its musicians play “philharmonics”, but there is a little problem and that is that there are no such things as “philharmonics” (in the sense of musical pieces ).

The first use in the English language of the term ” philharmonic” dates back to London in 1813. On that date an organization called the Philharmonic Society was founded . This term can be literally translated as “music lover.”

Some sources claim that the word “philharmonic” derives from the French philharmonique, but it is most likely that it is actually of Greek origin.

Regardless of all this, the first Philharmonic (Symphonic) Orchestras emerged in places like Austria ( Academia Philharmonic rum, which was founded in 1701), Germany, and London. In the latter case, the first Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1895; but the current one was established in 1932.

Anyway, you can be sure that if you ask a member of the Symphony Orchestra about this difference; he will most likely make some jokes on you.

Except for the terms, in practice there is no difference. In both cases there is usually a love of music and symphonies are performed.

Key difference between Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Only the name, there is no other difference.

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