Difference Between Acute and Chronic Disease

When it comes to diseases we know that some are worse than others, but it can also be the case that the same disease is more or less aggressive depending on the person or the stage in which it is.  Difference Between Acute and Chronic Disease

This time we will explain the difference between acute and chronic diseases, which are distinguished in terms of level, symptoms and other things.

ACUTE ILLNESSES  Difference Between Acute and Chronic Disease

A disease or condition is considered acute when symptoms appear suddenly and get worse in a very short time. For example, when you start to feel a sharp pain from one moment to the next, it means that the body is sending the message that it has been hurt. This usually happens when you fall or hit your toes, or accidentally burn your hands while cooking. In these cases the pain appears very quickly, indicating that an injury has been suffered that needs to be cured.

Many acute problems and illnesses affect you for a short period of time and then disappear in most cases. Among the most common acute illnesses we can mention the flu and strep throat.


On the other hand, chronic diseases or conditions are those that are characterized by gradually developing and worsening over an extended period of time. There are cases in which we do not feel a sharp or sharp pain, but there is a pain that appears and disappears at different times.

A person with a chronic illness or disease can take days, months and even years to fully recover; but there is also the possibility that he will never recover or die. In this sense, it is good to understand that a chronic problem is worse than an acute one.

Some examples of problems or diseases that can be chronic are: osteoporosis, asthma, migraines, back pain, heart disease, and kidney problems.

Key differences between chronic and acute diseases

  • Acute problems or illnesses appear suddenly and the symptoms can be very intense, whereas in the case of acute, they gradually develop and worsen.
  • Acute problems or illnesses are not as bad as chronic ones.
  • Chronic diseases are spread over a longer period of time than acute diseases.

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