Difference Between Apathy and Empathy

Due to the similarity between the two words, apathy is often confused with empathy; two terms that are totally opposite to each other and that it is important that you know.  Difference Between Apathy and Empathy

If you want to clarify any questions you may have about it, keep reading; because next we tell you what is the difference between empathy and apathy.

APATHY  Difference Between Apathy and Empathy

This term refers precisely to the lack of emotion or care. It describes the condition of someone who is indifferent to what surrounds him or to the feelings of others.

Something very curious that happens in life and that is closely related to the development of apathy, has to do with the fact of frequent exposure to a stressful situation. For example, if someone is constantly threatening us, we are likely to become apathetic towards that person.

Apathy is not always a bad thing, as many people believe, it can even help us reduce the stress that certain situations could cause.


On the other hand, empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes; that is, to understand how you really feel. It is a type of emotional connection with someone else.

Finally, always putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is not always a good thing; since too much empathy can lead us to live stressed and carry the problems of others.

Key difference

  • Apathy is the lack of emotion or interest, while empathy consists of being able to feel how others feel.

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