Difference Between Ape And Gorilla

It is often difficult to recognize the characteristics that differentiate apes from gorillas, and it is even more difficult when you consider that gorillas are also apes. Difference Between Ape And Gorilla

If you had doubts about it and now you have more or, you just want a little more information about this topic; then continue reading, because below we explain what the difference is between gorilla and ape. Difference Between Ape And Gorilla

APE  Difference Between Ape And Gorilla

Apes are primates and belong to the animal kingdom, phylum Chordata, class Mammalia , order Primates and family Hominidae.

Primates were originally divided into two groups: old world monkeys and new world monkeys. Apes belonged to the first category and are native to Africa and southwestern Asia. The family they belong to is the same family that humans belong to.

Today apes are divided into two distinct categories : great apes and lesser apes. The first group includes orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees. These categories have been established not based on the size of the apes, but on their intelligence and brain complexity; the lesser apes are those that have this less developed.

Regarding its appearance, when a primate does not have a tail it is generally considered an ape. They tend to have a long body. They can walk one foot for long distances,


On the other hand, gorillas are part of the greater apes. They can be commonly found in the forests of Central Africa. They generally eat a herbivorous diet and are our closest living relatives with chimpanzees, with DNA that matches 95–99%.

Finally, gorillas can weigh 397 or 600 pounds (if held captive). Male gorillas are known to have gray hair on their backs. Unlike chimpanzees and orangutans, gorillas sleep on the ground and not in trees.

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