Difference between bass and electric guitar

Choosing a guitar or bass is never easy. You may have decided to go solo or in a band, but what to choose? So if you are going to buy any of these two electrical instruments, in this article we show you all their differences to help you make a decision. Difference between bass and electric guitar

What is the difference between an electric guitar and a bass?

In fact, they are two very different but complementary instruments in a marching band. The electric guitar will play the melody, while the bass will take care of the rhythm, with a much lower tone, hence its name. Finally, the bass generally has fewer strings than the electric guitar and is also a longer instrument.

Now we will see in detail the differences between these two instruments, and how to make your choice if you are here to do it.

The electric guitar  Difference between bass and electric guitar

The electric guitar is a type of guitar that produces sounds using electromagnetic sensors. Musicians often call microphones the transducers of the electric guitar. These transform the vibrations of the strings into an electrical signal that can be modified by various accessories, such as volume or tone controls and effects pedals, before being converted into a sound by a sound amplifier and its speaker. An electronic amplifier that are specially designed for guitars.

We are left here with a very superficial definition, which helps us to make a difference with a guitar, but not so much with a bass. 

Design of a guitar Difference between bass and electric guitar

The electric guitar is an evolution of the acoustic guitar, with some new features. The sound box of the acoustic guitar is replaced by an amplifier. So you have to connect the electric guitar to the amp to make it play.

This allows us to have a thinner object in hand, and move the rest to the ground, in various accessories, such as the amplifier, the effect pedal, etc.


The electric guitar becomes particularly useful in a music group. It generally has a rhythmic backing role, following the melody. But if there’s an acoustic guitar in the band, you can take a few liberties to give the song some relief. What we know as a lead guitar.

It is common for guitars to be accompanied by a bass in groups, which we will see later.

Price of an electric guitar Difference between bass and electric guitar

Prices vary widely depending on the make, model and quality of the guitar.

You will find inexpensive models for less than 100 euros that will be perfect to start with. On the other hand, you will find professional guitars starting at 500 euros or more.

Anyway, if you are here, you are probably just starting out, so I do not advise you to spend a lot of money on your equipment until you are sure that the electric guitar is the right one for you.

Also, keep in mind that there are kits that allow you to enjoy all the material for a very affordable price that provide everything you need to get started. However, be careful with the accessories provided, sometimes it will be necessary to add 50 to 100 euros to ensure a good quality equipment (amplifier in particular).

RockJam Superkit Full Size Electric Guitar with Guitar Amp, Guitar Strings, Tuner, Strap, Case and Cable, Black

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The bass

You already have a good idea of ​​what an electric guitar is, let’s move on to the bass and the guitar comparison

Definition of electric bass

The bass, electric bass or simply bass, is a stringed musical instrument, designed on the same principle as the electric guitar, but with a lower tone.

This time the definition really allows us a comparison to an electric guitar. The principle is generally the same, but with a lower key (usually an octave lower).

Bass design

I don’t have much to add at this level, because the design is almost identical to that of an electric guitar: there is no soundboard, an amplifier replaces it. However, a bass generally has only 4 strings, compared to 6 on an electric guitar, and also has a longer neck.

The role of bass in a band

The main purpose of this instrument is to provide rhythmic bass support for all other instruments.

Low price

As for the prices of an electric bass, in general they are at the same level as a guitar. I have the impression that the first prices are a bit higher than those of electric guitars (say 180-200 euros for beginners)

Rocktile Groovers Pack JB E-Bass Set III Sunburst

  • Rocktile Jazz-Style electric bass includes strap, cable, replacement strings and bag
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There is really no universal answer to this question. The basics are the same, it’s up to you. Personally, I think solo results can be achieved faster with an electric guitar, which is encouraging. But that’s just my opinion, it’s best to go and try both at the nearest music store 


Now you can tell the difference between an electric guitar and a bass, either with the naked eye or by ear.

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