Difference Between Beautiful and Attractive

Due to their similarity, many people tend to confuse the adjectives “beautiful” and “attractive”, which is why it is common to notice that they are used interchangeably in everyday speech; however, it is always good and it is never too late to know that despite being closely related, these concepts have different meanings and connotations.

If you have doubts about it or just want a little more information on this topic, keep reading, because below we will explain what the difference between attractive and beautiful is.


This adjective emphasizes how some quality or qualities of something or someone (regularly refers to people) captivate our senses and cause our perception of them to be positive. When we say that something is attractive we are almost always referring to a physical attribute.

Often the connotation that is given to this word is directly linked to the idea of ​​a good appearance, but in the case of people, not animals or things. Very seldom do you hear an animal said that it is “attractive” or a lamp that it is “attractive; for those cases the adjective “beautiful” is usually used.


On the other hand, what can be considered beautiful can go beyond the physical and the human; it even encompasses the abstract.

Although it is true that a person can be said to be beautiful, such beauty does not necessarily have to do with physical qualities; It could be referring to the character, delicacy or good manners of that person.

Unlike what happens with the previous adjective (which has a more sexual connotation), beauty can even be attributed to things or people that we do not like. If, for example, we say that a woman is attractive, it is likely that we want to say that we would like as a couple (although by custom it has already become common for it to be said this way to refer to being “beautiful”, regardless of whether there is “other interest rate »or not); and we could also say that a woman is beautiful regardless of whether or not you feel an attraction towards her.

Finally, the attractive is more physical, while the “beautiful” is more encompassing and abstract. The beautiful is not necessarily attractive, but the attractive is usually or at least has some beauty.

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