Difference Between Beauty and Aesthetics

There are many things, concepts and words that people often confuse and consider to be the same, although in reality they are completely different elements. But few terms are so often confused as in the case of “beauty” and “aesthetics,” which are clearly related; but by no means can they be used interchangeably.

If you also have doubts about it or just want a little more information about what is the difference between Aesthetics and beauty, then continue reading, because we will explain it to you below.

ESTHETIC Difference Between Beauty and Aesthetics

It is a branch or field of Philosophy that is responsible for the study of the experience or the phenomenon of the beautiful. Not in the sense of determining what is or is not beautiful (as many people believe), but in analyzing why certain things are considered or perceived as beautiful.

As a field of study, it can be oriented mainly to two aspects, that is, it covers two other fields that are: the philosophy of art and the philosophy of beauty. This distinction is made because parameters have traditionally been established about what is or is not art, regardless of the beauty that can be attributed to what we feel and perceive.

Likewise, Aesthetics is also in charge of the study of the ugly, insofar as it appears as a dialectical category of the beautiful.

In short, it can also be said that Aesthetics studies the criteria that people have about what is beautiful, what is ugly, what is funny and other categories that are related to pleasure, emotions and abstract appreciations that are experienced through the senses.


On the other hand, beauty is a difficult concept to define and throughout history it has varied enormously. There are more criteria of beauty than religions in the world.

Since ancient times, the subject of beauty has been the subject of discussion, concern, debate, and even death. Historically it has been associated with women, hence, from very distant times and in very ancient civilizations, women have shown a special interest in looking beautiful or have worried at some point about the beauty of other women.

Taking this into account, it is not surprising that, for example, in the Hellenic people, women spent considerable time developing beautiful and complicated Greek braids with bangs , braided buns and other hairstyles adorned with different accessories. In the same way, over time people of all nations and civilizations have shown an interest in appearance in a general sense; including clothing, footwear and accessories.

In a general sense, beauty is defined as a subjective notion related to the pleasure that some things cause to our senses. It is closely linked to positive feelings about elements that surround us or even ideas.

Finally, for philosophers like Hume, beauty is not something that objects or things possess; but an abstract notion that only takes place in the mind as a response to the contemplation of certain elements. Therefore, it is understood that beauty is the phenomenon and Aesthetics is the discipline that is responsible for studying it.

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