Difference Between Biography and Autobiography

From an early age, we understand that in the end we all have to die at some point; that is, we understand that we are not eternal. This knowledge is largely what has motivated people to try to leave some memory of themselves or keep some memory of others, because so far that is the closest thing to “immortality.” Difference Between Biography and Autobiography

One of the most efficient means of knowing who this or that person was and what he did is by reading his biography or autobiography; But if you think that these two concepts mean the same thing and that we only mentioned them previously to make this post longer; you are very wrong and then we will explain to you what is the difference between autobiography and biography.

BIOGRAPHY Difference Between Biography and Autobiography

A biography is a non-fictional account of someone’s life. Provides an overview of the person’s life, including basic facts such as their education, work, relationships, experiences, events, contributions, and death.

In general, biographies tell us the life of historical or relevant figures ; whether they are alive or dead. They present the life of the individual, while highlighting various curious or important aspects of it; for this reason it is common for some intimate experiences to be mentioned.

A biography can even include an analysis of the subject’s personality. In addition, the biographies can be presented in any format, be it a book, a film, a documentary …

Biographies are written by other people, not by the individual being talked about. They can be authorized or not. An authorized biography is one that is written with the permission of the person being talked about, while an unauthorized biography is defined as one that is made without the consent of the person who stars in it. In the latter case, the bio is more likely to contain errors and the information it provides is not entirely correct.

In many cases, biographers spend years studying and gathering information about their subjects; This allows them to provide a vision of the motivations and contexts that affect or affected the subject.


An autobiography is a biography, but it has the particularity that it is written by the subject of the narrative.

It incorporates all the elements of the biographies, the only difference is that instead of being written by a third person, it is the individual himself who writes it.

The subject may or may not have used the help of a ghostwriter for his project, but even if he received help from another person; she does not receive any credit for the work.

For obvious reasons, an autobiography does not need to be authorized (since the authorization is given by the person himself). For the subject to write about his own life, he does not need permission.

Just as they have their cons, autobiographies also have their advantages over biographies. For example, an autobiography is more likely to present a clearer vision about the history and experiences lived by the biographer, after all who knows more about his life than oneself?
An autobiography can be a much more intimate and revealing work compared to a biography, because the individual expresses his or her own vision of the subject.

Key differences between biography or autobiography

  • An autobiography is a biography written by the same person who narrates his life, while a biography is made by a third person.
  • Biographies may or may not be authorized, while autobiographies are always authorized; since nobody needs permission to write about their own life.
  • Autobiographies tend to be more intimate and revealing, while biographies tend to be more objective.

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