Difference Between Brownie and Sponge Cake

Perhaps more than once you have wondered what is the difference between brownie and sponge cake, because you only know that both are delicious, contain flour and if you eat large portions of them it is very likely to gain a few kilos.

If you still have doubts about it or just want a little more information, keep reading, because here we explain the difference between sponge cake and brownie.


sponge cake can be a type of bread or cake that is generally creamy and is usually decorated in different ways: with fruits, candies, figurines made of sugar. It almost always contains several layers and in the middle of these it is usually filled with cream or milk. marmalade.

The cakes are available in a large number of flavors and based on the most diverse ingredients. They are often eaten as desserts and are an important item on some special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other types of celebrations.

Main characteristics of the cakes:

  • Soft.
  • Sweet taste.
  • Flour is the main ingredient.
  • Creamy surface.


On the other hand, a brownie is a small and delicious piece of cake that is usually made with chocolate (hence “brownie” which comes to be “marroncito” (the color of chocolate)).

Unlike cupcakes, brownies are not usually very soft and creamy, but rather are a cross between cake and cookie. They can be found in many varieties, but they are generally square and their surface is not creamy and fluffy.

Likewise, brownies are rarely decorated and it is common for them to be decorated with nuts, chocolate chips, whipped cream, among other ingredients.

Main characteristics of the brownies:

  • Its texture is between sponge cake and biscuit.
  • They contain a lot of chocolate (this is usually their main ingredient).
  • They are not usually decorated.
  • They are not soft and fluffy.
  • They have a crispy surface.
  • Sweet taste.

Finally, brownies are usually eaten with your hands and accompanied by milk or coffee. Sometimes they are served warm and accompanied by ice cream. They are a very popular dessert in many restaurants.

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