Difference Between Character and Behavior

All human beings are and act differently. Among the things that differentiate us from other animals, one of the main ones is our complexity. Difference Between Character and Behavior

We are sociable and since society is constantly changing, we also change to adjust to the demands of each moment or context. Everyone has a perception of themselves, but others also create an idea about us. Based on what? Well, in large part, based on our character and behavior.

If you think that behavior and character are the same thing, continue reading below; because you will see the reasons why you were wrong.

CHARACTER  Difference Between Character and Behavior

The character of a person has to do with the inner qualities that he possesses and that are particular, understand; your personality. It refers to the kind of person you are “on the inside.” It involves ethics and morals, as well as a mental concept that everyone has about himself.

There are thousands of human beings and they all have different types of character. It is something that each one of us carries so deeply that it is a difficult task, if not almost impossible, to change someone’s character.

Some research suggests that certain personality (character) characteristics can be inherited from parents . Likewise, it is important to note that some people set themselves to be in a certain way to make others believe something that they really are not; therefore, in many cases it can be quite difficult to determine the character of a person with the naked eye. When evaluating this, one must take into account, something that has been repeated for centuries: “appearances can be deceiving.”

Character and conduct are related. Both things have a major impact on life.


Behavior can be defined as the way each person acts. It has to do with the actions and reactions of individuals. It may change depending on the purposes you have and the other people with whom we interact.

For example, your behavior may change or be different when you are with your family compared to when you are with your friends. Your way of talking to them (kindly or rudely) and of reacting to their demands, requests… can be totally different.

human omportamiento is influenced by various factors throughout his life. There are certain behaviors that are acceptable or unacceptable by society. In a general sense, it comes from the culture, emotions, values, morals of each person.

Ultimately, behavior is the aspect of the personality that is externalized and that is determined mainly by the mind and feelings; while character is the inner conceptualization (in our mind) that we form about ourselves, it is our personality.

Key differences between character and behavior

  • Character or personality is an internal construct that characterizes and distinguishes each person, while behavior is largely the exteriorization of our character (although there are cases in which character and behavior do not correspond).
  • Behavior changes easily and can be influenced by many factors, while character is relatively constant and does not change easily.

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