Difference Between Cigar and Cigarette

Although both cigarettes and cigars contain tobacco, the truth is that there are differences between the two. Differences in composition and even size. Difference Between Cigar and Cigarette 

If you have any questions about it or want a little more information related to this topic, keep reading; because below we explain what is the difference between cigar and cigarette.

CIGAR  Difference Between Cigar and Cigarette 

The main characteristic that distinguishes cigars from cigarettes is that the former are wrapped in the same tobacco leaves that make them up.

A person can last more or less between 30 and 60 minutes smoking a cigarette and the amount of nicotine derived from one ranges between 100 and 200mg.

On the other hand, cigars are larger and more expensive than cigarettes; a single cigarette can cost up to $ 28, while a pack of cigarettes can cost $ 20.

Also, cigars need to be cut before being smoked. The head of the same is placed in a cigar cutter and then ignited. In this case, the smoke is not inhaled.

Cigars are more popular in the United States than anywhere else in the world and are often considered more sophisticated than cigarettes.


Cigarettes are wrapped in paper, not in tobacco leaves (as is the case with cigars). Also, cigarettes last between 5 and 10 minutes.

The amount of nicotine derived from cigarettes is around 10mg, a much smaller amount compared to cigarettes. Also, in the same way as the latter, cigarettes can cause cancer and addiction due to nicotine.

Finally, many consider that cigarettes (compared to cigars) are less harmful to health; although all doctors agree that both are harmful.

Key differences between cigar and cigarette

  • Cigars are larger and more expensive than cigarettes.
  • Cigarettes have less nicotine.
  • Cigar smoke is not inhaled, while cigarette smoke is.
  • Cigars need to be cut before lighting, while cigarettes do not.
  • Cigars are wrapped in tobacco leaves, while cigarettes are wrapped in paper.

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