Difference between Clones and Twins

The subject of twins and clones have always attracted attention in one way or another, especially the latter has captured the attention of millions of people for a long time because even today it is still debated whether or not it is okay to clone Humans.  Difference between Clones and Twins

Sure you have some notion about the difference between clones and twins, but to clear any possible doubts or get a little more information, it is good that you continue reading below; Since then we explain what is the difference between twins and clones.

TWINS  Difference between Clones and Twins

Siblings are twins  when they are born in the same birth. Unlike what some believe, being twins does not depend on resemblance, and those who are called twins are nothing more than dizygotic twins (identical ones are monozygotic twins).

When a woman conceives a child it is because a zygote has been fertilized by a sperm. In the case of dizygotic twins or twins, what happens is that two zygotes are simultaneously fertilized by two different sperm, while in the case of identical twins, what happens is that a single zygote is fertilized by one sperm; but said zygote divides in two, resulting in two embryos instead of one.

Twins are not necessarily the same sex. In the case of twins, the most common result is male-female; but female-female and male-male are also frequent. As for monozygotes, the most common case is female-female, while the male-male pair is less frequent and in this case female-male only occurs very rarely.


On the other hand, cloning is a process by which scientists and doctors create an exact genetic copy of an organism. Fragments of DNA (molecular cloning) or organisms (cell cloning) can be copied.

Cloning is a very expensive process and in the case of human cloning not even a successful case is known so far. Whether or not cloning in humans should be allowed remains debatable, due to the many associated implications.

Finally, the main differences between twins and clones is that the former are the result of a “more natural” process; while clones are the product of a scientific process. Also, clones are always identical and twins are not. Likewise, twins are born in the same birth; while the clones do not.

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