Difference Between Coca-Cola and Pepsi

If we make the least biased comparison possible between Pepsi and Coca-Cola, we will most likely come to the conclusion that the only difference between these two types of carbonated drinks is that one brand is more popular than the other around the world (with the exception of a few cases). However, it is good to know that even though the differences are few; there are.  Difference Between Coca-Cola and Pepsi

If you’re curious about it, keep reading, because here’s the difference between Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

COKE  Difference Between Coca-Cola and Pepsi

This company was founded in the year 1886, therefore, it is older than Pepsi. At first it was not called that, but Cola Leaves and then Cola Nuts. Today this brand of soft drinks is the most famous and popular around the world and not only that, but it also has other products; such as Dasani water, which is quite popular in some countries.

A normal serving of Coca-Cola has 34mg of caffeine, 39mg of sugar, 50mg of sodium, and 160 calories.

Below is a list of the names of the various varieties of Coca-Cola. It should be noted that some of these varieties are exclusive to some countries:

  • Coca-Cola, New Coke, which was renamed Coke II, Diet Coke (also known as Diet Coke), Diet Coke Plus, Coca-Cola C2, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Cherry Zero, Caffeine Free Coca-Cola , Caffeine Free Diet Coke
  • Coca-Cola Cherry, Diet Coke Cherry, Coca-Cola with Lemon, Diet Coke with Lemon,
  • Coca-Cola Vanilla, Diet Coca-Cola Vanilla, Coca-Cola with Lime, Diet Coke with Lime,
  • Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla, Diet Coke Cherry Vanilla, Coca-Cola Blâk,
  • Coca-Cola with Orange (sold in the UK or UK) Coca-Cola Raspberry, Diet Coke Raspberry and TaB (the original Diet Coke, still sold in some countries).


On the other hand, this company was founded in the year 1898, therefore it is more recent compared to Coca-Cola. Although it can be said that it has always enjoyed less popularity in general, the truth is that in some countries such as India it even surpasses its competition in consumption.

Like Coca-Cola, it has also had different names. At first it was called Pepsin, not Pepsi.

A normal serving of this carbonated drink contains 15mg of sodium, 37.5mg of caffeine, 41mg of sugar and 150 calories.

Here is a list of the different flavors or variations of Pepsi around the world.

  • Pepsi Diet, Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi One, Caffeine Free Pepsi, Caffeine free Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Throwback, and Pepsi Next.
  • Wild Cherry Pepsi, Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, Pepsi Lima, Diet Pepsi Lima, Pepsi Jazz in two flavors (Strawberry and Cream and Black Cherry Vanilla), Pepsi Twist (with lemon flavor and in regular and diet versions).
  • In Australia: Pepsi Samba (mango and tamarind flavor like the American version: Pepsi Summer Mix)
  • Crystal Pepsi and Blue Pepsi (very little sold).
  • Pepsi X and Holiday Spice, both of which have more caffeine than the regular versions.

Finally, as far as the price is concerned, it varies depending on the size of the bottle; but in a general sense it is usually the same or at least it does not vary too much between one brand and another.

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