Difference Between Culture and Society

Many people are often confused when using the words “culture” and “society”, two concepts that, although they have a certain relationship, should not be used interchangeably; as they describe different things.  Difference Between Culture and Society

There are several elements that make the difference between society and culture , however, not everyone could say what makes one different from the other, despite the fact that we read about it quite often in the writings left by sociologists and we hear these terms repeatedly in our daily conversations.

In order to clarify any doubts you may have and to offer you a little more information on this topic, we will start by giving you the definition of these two words; therefore, keep reading if you want to learn a little more.

CULTURE  Difference Between Culture and Society

The word culture derives from the Latin  culture,  which means “cultivation.” From the 18th and 19th centuries it began to be used more frequently in Europe to refer to the process of improvement and refinement. However, it was in the last century that the term evolved and began to be used to refer to the improvement and development of society; which was understood as the scope of national ideals and aspirations.

It was not until the 20th century that this concept finally emerged as one of the most important in the branch of Anthropology, describing all human phenomena that cannot be considered as genetic inheritance. This is how culture has come to refer to an attribute of the members of a group of people. Culture is always transmitted by society, not by an individual.


On the other hand, the concept of society refers to a group of people who are constantly related to each other. It could also be said that it is a large social group that shares the same geographical location or social territory, is subject to the same political authorities and has the same cultural expectations.

The word society derives from the Latin  societas,  which means bond or interaction between groups or friends. In this way, when someone says that today’s society is more tolerant than the previous one, they are talking about the community in which they now reside.

Finally, culture is a historical perspective, traditional beliefs and practices that are presented throughout generations; while society understands everything that has to do with laws , government, family and many other things. In a society there can be several different cultures, although there is always one that is dominant

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