Difference Between Device and Instrument

If they asked you what is the difference between instrument and device, would you know what to answer? Probably yes, but there are some people who are not even aware that they are different things. Difference Between Device and Instrument

If you have doubts about it or just want a little more information to increase your knowledge, then continue reading, because below we explain why instruments and devices are not the same and what makes them different.

DEVICE Between Device and Instrument

A device is defined as a thing (generally mechanical or electrical) that has been created for a specific purpose. It can be a tool, a device or an instrument. It commonly has something to do with technology; for example, a USB memory, a smartphone , a computer, among others.

Although the devices are designed with the objective of doing a specific job, in almost all cases human effort is required for it to perform its function correctly.


On the other hand, instruments are usually tools or accessories used to do a job with greater precision or delicacy. For example, medical instrument.

The word instrument is very versatile and can mean many things depending on the context, for example, we also talk about musical instruments; which are used to produce sounds. Likewise, the word can refer to a means by which something can be affected or done. Example: Instrument of government. Furthermore, it could refer to a device for measuring values ​​or quantities .

In short, the word instrument is more encompassing than device; since it can be electronic tools or not; whereas the devices almost always do run on electricity.

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