Difference Between Fissure and Fracture of Ribs

Rib bone injuries occur when one or more of the bones in the rib cage fracture or crack. The most common cause of this type of injury is trauma to the chest, such as a fall, a car accident, or an impact during contact sports. Difference Between Fissure and Fracture of Ribs

Sometimes fractured ribs can just be cracked . And while both types of injuries are painful, fissured ribs are not as dangerous as those that have been broken into separate pieces, as the ragged edge of a broken bone can damage adjacent blood vessels or internal organs.

However, in most cases, fractured ribs usually heal on their own within a month or two.

What is the difference between a rib fissure and a broken rib?  Difference Between Fissure and Fracture of Ribs

A bone fracture, medical terms, refers to the loss of continuity of the bone. Any time the bone loses its integrity, whether it is a barely recognizable crack (fissure) on an X-ray or the break of the bone in several parts, it is considered a fracture.

So a fissure is a fracture , however a fracture is NOT a fissure .

If you had a crack in the windshield of your car and someone asked you “how long have you had it broken (fractured)”, would you correct it? Probably not. On the contrary, if your windshield breaks in several parts, so that it is useless and that same person asks you “how long have you had it cracked (fissured)”, would you correct it? Probably yes. Would you tell him it’s not cracked, it’s broken! So we can conclude that a rib fissure is a type of fracture in which the bone has not been broken into separate pieces (the rib bone is just cracked).

How are fractured or fissured ribs treated?

Most broken ribs heal on their own within six weeks. Restriction of physical activities, applying ice to the area regularly, and using pain relief medications are important.

In the past, doctors recommended the use of compression bandages (elastic bandages that are wrapped around the chest) to help immobilize the area. Compression bandages are no longer recommended for rib fractures because they make it difficult to breathe deeply, which can increase the risk of pneumonia.

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