Difference Between Freckles and Dark Spots

There are many people who complain about their freckles and dark spots, however, there are those who do not understand that there is no relationship between one thing and the other. The fact that they may look similar is no excuse to confuse them, since if you pay attention it is easy to distinguish them.

You may have dark spots and think it is freckles, or vice versa. In any case, it would be good if you pay attention to what we describe below; Since in this way you can distinguish between one case and another and do everything possible to make your skin look the way you want.

If you have doubts about the difference between dark spots and freckles or are simply looking for a little more information to complement what you already know, keep reading, because below we explain everything you need to know about to this topic.


The first difference lies in the fact that freckles are generally lighter than dark spots and are also usually more clustered together. The main cause of them is exposure to the sun.

The function of the skin is to protect the body, in this way it plays the role of a protective barrier, but as everyone knows, the sun can damage the skin. One of the most common effects that exposure to the sun produces on the skin is the overproduction of melanin, which contributes to making the skin more resistant to the sun’s rays; However, this measure of body protection results in the skin becoming darker and freckles appear.

Freckles are most often visible on the face, but they can also appear on other parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. Fair-skinned people are more likely than darker-skinned people to develop them.


On the other hand, dark spots can also be caused by exposure to the sun (this is almost always the case); however, they can also be part of the aging process. As mentioned before, the production of melanin causes the skin to darken and it is precisely in the elderly that the sun acts most damagingly; since these have weaker skin.

Finally, the older the person, the more they have been exposed to the sun throughout their life; This is another explanation for why dark spots tend to appear as a certain age is reached. However, it is important to bear in mind that it may be the case that the dark spots are the result of some disease. They could be an indicator of kidney problems or even cancer, but as long as they do not grow quickly and do not cause pain or itching; there is no reason to suspect illness.

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