Difference between Girlfriend and Wife

The main difference between a girlfriend and a wife is the legal and formal status . The state of courtship does not commit to anything legally, it is a relationship based on one’s own word. Instead, marriage represents a formal and legal union of the couple. But, there are many more details that distinguish these two types of states that you may not know. Read on and discover the main differences between girlfriends and wives.  Difference between Girlfriend and Wife

A wife is legally and formally attached to the couple. On the other hand, a girlfriend is only united by word.

Main differences: Wife vs Girlfriend

After seeing what each of these types of union consists of, we can highlight their differences.

  • The brides belong to a sentimental relationship without legal scope; for their part, wives involve a formal and contractual union.
  • At the time of separating in marriage, the wife will require a legal divorce process; The bride, if they wish to separate, is not necessary because the relationship lacks this formal character.
  • In most religions and some cultures it is frowned upon for brides to have sex during courtship; while for wives it is a marital right proper to marriage.
  • Wives are a fundamental part of the formation of a family, while brides only take part in the relationship as a couple without major formal commitments.

What is a girlfriend?  Difference between Girlfriend and Wife

The term “girlfriend” or partner is understood by the sentimental relationship that precedes the marriage. Dating is primarily a period in which the couple’s feelings are sincere. The bride and groom meet and, in the best of cases, their love increases. All this with the intention of dedicating a life as a couple once the relationship has matured. Either through marriage or any other legal or social formula.

Traditionally, the dating season was considered of vital importance and both people (especially the bride) had to remain celibate even under the supervision of a relative. Today it doesn’t work in the same way, and in most cultures it is no longer a social imposition to be self-conscious about sex before reaching the altar.

Characteristics of the bride and groom  Difference between Girlfriend and Wife

It is worth mentioning that being a couple is not a legal status and therefore it is not a “formal” status. For example, if the bride wishes to leave the relationship, she can do so in the same way she started it, there are no formal procedures involved, the same case is for the groom, being able to break the union by word of mouth.

In ancient times it used to be a matter “arranged” by noble families with the purpose of strengthening political or economic ties, being only a means to consecrate or achieve a certain social position, and the romantic objective had no weight.

What is a Wife?

The word ” wife ” or spouse applies within the legal union known as marriage. In this case it is a formal relationship, and it is the basis of the social entity known as the family, the couple being a bridge between the families of the spouses.

Marriage characteristics

The separation would entail pertinent legal paperwork, since the union was effected in the same way. In most cases the marriage is consummated both in a town hall and in a church or religious temple (depending on the religion of the members of the couple).

Marriages in the Middle Ages were one of the main methods of political strategy, and today (as it is in the case of more traditional cultures) the union is carried out with a kind of “buying and selling” between families known as “dowry”. The wife is sold to a suitor and he will have all rights over her. Fortunately, this practice is almost non-existent today.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that at that time the courtship involved the formalization of the commitment to marriage, that is, the couple had to marry after a certain age, or if they were older in a few months.

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