Difference between Girlfriend and Wife

There are many differences between a girlfriend and a wife, however, with all the changes that have been taking place in terms of the roles that each gender should play and also how they should handle themselves in their love life; some things that used to be one way are now another.  Difference between Girlfriend and Wife

If you also have doubts about it or just want a little more information, continue reading, because below we will explain what the difference is between wife and girlfriend from the traditional point of view.

WIFE  Difference between Girlfriend and Wife

Once the female partner is married, she becomes the wife. Even after a separation, the woman who signs the marriage certificate is still married, only after signing the divorce would she be legally separated from her husband.

In case the husband dies, then the wife is called a widow. After marriage, the woman and the man form a new family, but both become part of each other’s families; therefore, both have the right to make decisions that have an impact at the family level.

Similarly, the wife has the right to make decisions related to medical problems in cases where the husband is unable to make them himself. Likewise, a wife enjoys other rights that the law grants her, such as social security and in the event of divorce (if there was no prenuptial contract) to obtain half of everything acquired during the time she was married.


On the other hand, the female partner with whom a man has a romantic or sentimental relationship is called girlfriend. In this sense, there may or may not be sexual intercourse included.

In this case, the male partner is not called a husband, but a boyfriend and there is no legal agreement involved; as well as the rights and duties that this type of agreement called marriage brings with it. Since a bride is not tied to her boyfriend by law or society, she does not have the responsibilities that a wife does; as they are: taking care of the couple, the children and sometimes even the husband’s family.

Finally, when you have a dating relationship, no commitment is necessarily established between the couple, however, when it comes to a marriage, it is.

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