Difference Between Graphic Novel and Comic

Some people believe that comics and graphic novels are the same thing, however; although in both cases a story is told through the use of images, descriptions, dialogues and the use of illustration techniques; there are some differences between what is a graphic novel and a comic.


For starters, comics usually come with their paper cover. Comics are presented in continuous series. Mostly the plot of the comics is based on comedy or adventure. Only part of the story is published in each issue, and readers can look forward to each new issue, be it weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Comics are generally sold in comic book stores, newsstands, supermarkets, shops, or some bookstores.


On the other hand, the graphic novel is a material that usually comes with a rustic cover or hard cover. They contain a complete story that may or may not have sequels. Its plot consists of a beginning, a knot, and an end; Furthermore, this type of artistic material usually deals with mature and sometimes complex subjects.

Graphic novels are intended for teens and adults. The content of it can revolve around common themes, science fiction. The number of pages depends on the demands of the same story that is being told and in most cases, graphic novels have more pages than comics .

Since they come in the same format as many books; they are also more expensive than comics.


  • They differ in the way they are published. Comics usually come with a paper cover, while novels usually come with a more rustic cover.
  • The graphic novel contains a complete story from beginning to end, but the comics come in series and are published every week, month, or quarter.
  • In general, the subjects that are covered in the comics have to do with adventures and comedies; whereas the plot of graphic novels can be complex and very mature.
  • Graphic novels tend to be more expensive than comics.

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