Difference Between Hobbies and Interests

We all have our tastes and we enjoy doing certain things more than others, that is part of life, and when we do what we want or we can dedicate time to what we like we feel happier.  Difference Between Hobbies and Interests

This time we will clarify the difference between two concepts related to the topic that we have introduced and that are often (too often) confused or used interchangeably: interests and hobbies.

INTERESTS  Difference Between Hobbies and Interests

The interests of a person depend on the feelings that certain things arouse in him. When someone is interested in something they focus all their attention and curiosity on it.

Attention is precisely  the key word when it comes to interests. It is impossible to be interested in something to which due attention is not paid. The opposite of being interested in something or someone is feeling indifferent.

For example, we can say “Mariana is interested in poetry” to express that this person likes to read, write, or search for information related to poetry. Likewise, we could say “Miguel is interested in video games.”


Unlike interests, hobbies are not only things that capture our attention, but they have to do with activities we do.

When we have a hobby we get involved in concrete and quite practical actions, while when it comes to an interest we can be more passive.

Hobbies are activities that we enjoy doing in our spare time and have a recreational purpose. Generally, we work our hobbies in a systematic way; that is, we follow certain routines.

Whenever you have a hobby you have an interest, but not always when we are interested in something we develop a hobby. For example, someone might be interested in diving without even knowing how to swim.

An example of a hobby is the following: collecting old books, coins or stamps.

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