Difference Between Horror and Terror

Terror and horror are closely related, however, although many people believe that both concepts describe the same reality, the truth is that they refer to different things and we must avoid confusing them or using them interchangeably. Difference Between Horror and Terror

As we know that you might have some doubts about it, below we explain what the difference is between horror and horror.

TERROR  Difference Between Horror and Terror

Terror is an extreme fear of a certain situation or event. This fear has nothing to do with supernatural elements , but the cause is usually something real.

Many writers create suspense in their novels in order to lead readers to terrifying experiences. When terror takes hold of us we cannot think rationally and in many cases, our body does not respond as it should. There are even those who experience these types of feelings become paralyzed or cannot speak. In more extreme cases, some people have died from this cause.

When we talk about literature and horror movies, we must understand that what is referred to is the use or presence of elements that cause fright or great fear; but they have nothing to do with paranormal events.

For example, in a horror movie there are no ghosts, vampires or witches; but there may be killers and biological weapons.

Note: currently, in art: cinema, literature the terms horror and terror are used synonymously, which is why in certain cases the category “Terror” includes both art that has to do with instilling fear through situations that they have a rational cause, as well as art that uses the paranormal.

The difference that we try to establish in this article, we do it based on the original and traditional meaning that these concepts have.

When there is an earthquake or a tsunami, people can experience terror. This has a lot to do with extreme anxiety, uncertainty, and fear of the unknown.


Horror is an emotion and is often related to other emotions such as adversity and despair. Unlike terror, in this case it is common that it is due to the presence of elements that have no rational explanation; like demons, ghosts and other creatures. Although, as I have said previously, in some cases no difference is established between the two concepts discussed here.

In some contexts, horror can also refer to that deep rejection or adversity that certain things cause us. For example, someone might be horrified to see a person with tumors all over their body. From this it follows that horror does not always have to do directly with fear or fear; rather, it can be the result of a strong impression and something that causes us enormous astonishment in a negative sense.

Key differences between horror horror

  • Terror is an intense fear, while horror is an emotion that in some cases is not directly related to fear.
  • When it comes to the horror genre, the elements that appear have a rational cause; while in the case of the horror genre, supernatural elements are presented.
  • An example of the horror genre is the movie Psycho.
  • An example of the horror genre is the movie The Exorcist.

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