Difference between Hotel and Motel and Inn

The main difference between these two types of accommodation is their quality. For their part, the hotels are designed to offer a pleasant stay and offer more quality and services. Instead, motels are primarily aimed at people who only need a bed for a few hours. But, there are many more details that distinguish these two types of bathroom that you may not know. Read on and discover the main differences and similarities between the sauna and the Turkish bath. Difference between Hotel and Motel and Inn

 Hotels offer more quality and services to their guests. Instead, motels offer a more humble service: a bed for a few hours.

Hotel vs Motel, main differences

  • Hotels tend to be more luxurious compared to motels, since these are aimed at a more personalized and rigorous service.
  • In hotels it is charged per night, while in motels the payment is per hour, these are due to the fact that in motels customers usually stay for a maximum night.
  • Motels are usually on highways and roads between cities or towns, while hotels have their facilities in the centers of large cities.
  • There are many types of hotels ranging from casinos to resorts (hotels with pools and all kinds of amenities), while motels are more bare-bones.
  • The hotels have among their services restaurants with all three meals. On the other hand, in the case of motels, only a few have a cafe or small breakfast service (which are usually charged separately).

What is a Hotel?  Difference between Hotel and Motel and Inn

A hotel is understood to be any building constructed and conditioned for the accommodation of guests. Normally, the hotel service is hired for days or weeks. In addition, some hotels offer additional services to the overnight stay, such as restaurants, swimming pools and even gardens for children.

Characteristics of the hotels  Difference between Hotel and Motel and Inn

The characteristics and quality of hotels are measured in stars or letters, according to the quality of the service they provide, and this is established by specialized critics who carry out an exhaustive investigation. In this way we can find hotels from one star (low quality but cheap price) to hotels with 5 stars or higher (the most luxurious and expensive).

It is worth mentioning that these establishments can be themselves a tourist attraction. Where the design and service can be completely personalized. There are some tourists who spend their entire vacation without even leaving the hotel. Especially in those hotels that offer an «all inclusive». Without a doubt a different way of traveling.

There are many types, from business hotels to casino hotels dedicated to the quirkiest tastes of their visitors. For example, the typical Las Vegas hotels that we are used to seeing in the movies. There are also themed hotels, although these tend to have a higher cost of accommodation.

Another important aspect to emphasize is that the vast majority of hotels (if not all) are located in central areas, and the greater their prestige, the more likely it is that it will be located in a large city or in the vicinity of a site. very turistic.

What is a Motel?

It is an accommodation facility located on one side of the highway or highway that goes from one city or town to another. These usually have one or two floors (floors), charge by the hour, and have a single room with a bathroom. Because the main objective of the client is to spend the night one night and then continue with their journey. This type of accommodation can mainly be found on the roads of the United States where it is used mainly to rest and sleep on long road trips.

Motel Features

On some occasions these facilities have their own café for their clients’ breakfast or lunch. This type of accommodation offers great privacy to its visitors since most guests stay for a very short time.

Everything and that as we have commented, this hosting model is used mainly in the United States, it has been widely disseminated in many countries. Of course, not with the same connotations. For example, the word “motel” in South America has a more sexual meaning than that of “simple lodging”, for non-formal and short-term encounters.

However, these are not only found “on the side of the road” but their popularity has given them the opportunity for this model of accommodation to spread to the center of cities (although the price varies). 

The architecture is very characteristic, since it generally consists of a single corridor and multiple rooms in a row, all this next to the car park in front of the building.

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