Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration

Most of the people confuse interior design with interior decoration. It is a general opinion that decoration as well as design are the same thing and that both can be used interchangeably; But that’s not true. Each of these disciplines requires different types of skills.  Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration

INTERIOR DESIGN  Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration

Interior designers must study, deepen and know many more topics than interior decorators.

Interior designers have to deal with the architectural integrity of a building’s interior. They have to deal with renovations and changes to the interior structure, for this reason, in many cases they are required to have architectural knowledge as well. Interior designers have to study about environmental psychology and how to create a comfortable space that suits the lifestyle of their clients. For example, when designing a house that will be inhabited by older people; It is best not to have stairs, because climbing them can be quite an odyssey for the elderly.

Interior design basically involves many interrelated projects so that the interior of a space is functional, effective, beautiful and adapts to the lifestyle of the people who live there. It includes the conceptual development or design of the interior space, which in turn can include everything from the design of the woodwork to the windows and other large and small features of the interior spaces. It also includes coordination between the labor force and the customer, obtaining supplies at a reasonable price, supervising the project, and finally finishing it. An interior designer has to work with an interior decorator, although sometimes the designer is qualified enough to decorate the space without having to hire a decorator. In other words,

The design and decoration of interior spaces comprises a three-year study program, but interior decoration can be studied separately from interior design, which is more specialized than decoration.

As previously mentioned, interior design includes the functional and effective design of the space, but also lighting, acoustics, and temperature in spaces, among others. There are different types of interior designs: residential, commercial, exhibition design, spatial design, universal design, among others. For each type of design, the designer has to be aware of the codes that must be followed. For example, the security codes for residential and commercial spaces are very different.


An interior decorator is especially responsible for decorating the interior of a space and giving it the finishing touches. It does not study about the structural functions or the design of a building. Decorators have to deal with things like: what wallpaper, rugs, curtains can be used in a space, what kind of furniture should be placed in each interior space? color combinations, room themes, furniture arrangement, décor arrangement, and what type of lighting fixtures will be used. In the simplest sense of the word, as its name indicates; the decorators are in charge of decorating the spaces.

Key differences between interior decoration and interior design

  • Interior design should encompass more studios than interior décor.
  • Interior designers often have to know something about architecture, while decorators are limited to decorating.
  • The interior designer has to deal with the structure and efficiency of the space, while the decorator only takes care of placing the furniture, rugs.

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