Difference Between Kinetics And Kinematics / tabular form

Both terms may seem similar, but there are several differences between kinetics and kinematics. Both branches of physics deal with the different forces acting on an object. Kinetics And Kinematics / tabular form

  • Kinematics  describes the motion of bodies and deals with finding out the speeds or accelerations of various objects.
  • Kinetics  explains how a body responds when a force or torque is applied to it.

What is the difference between kinetics and kinematics? Kinetics And Kinematics / tabular form

Kinetics focuses on understanding the cause of different types of movements of an object, such as rotational movement in which the object experiences force or torsion. 

Kinematics explains terms such as acceleration, velocity, and position of objects. The mass of the object is not considered when studying kinematics.

Comparison Kinetics And Kinematics / tabular form

Below we show you a comparative table of the differences between these two physical concepts.

It deals with the causes of the object’s movements.It deals with the position, acceleration and speed of an object.
Take into consideration the mass of the objectIt does not take into consideration the mass of the object.
Its practical applications can be found in automotive design.Its application can be found in the study of the movement of celestial bodies.
Take forces explicitly into accountDoes not account for forces explicitly
It has no more mathematical expressionsHas more mathematical expressions
Also known as dynamicsIt is called by the same name
This topic is used in various branches of science such as biology, chemistry, and physics.This topic is used in physics, mechanics in engineering terms.


The both terms are like same but there is a main deference between the terms is in the Kinematics we see the motion of the body and also see the speed and acceleration. in kinetics we see how body move or responded when torque apply on it.

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