Difference Between Knowledge and Truth

Most people consider both to be exactly the same, however that is not entirely true. Difference Between Knowledge and Truth

In general, they mean the same thing, since knowledge is considered truthful and truth is assumed to be the purpose that is intended to be achieved through knowledge, however, there are times when knowledge is not necessarily related to truth .

To clarify any doubts you may have in this regard, below we explain the difference between them.

KNOWLEDGE Difference Between Knowledge and Truth

“Knowledge” is defined as the awareness or understanding of someone or something, of facts, information, descriptions or abilities; that is acquired through experience, education or through discoveries, perceptions or learning.

Basically, it is the theoretical or practical understanding of a topic. It is the understanding of a concept or idea, however, it may or may not be true.


The truth has received many definitions throughout history, but traditionally the most accepted definition is the one given by Aristotle and that says that everything that corresponds to reality and that is related exactly to the world is true.

The truth is considered as fact and something verifiable. It is something real and authentic. All these elements being inherent to the truth, it is important to know that there are people who may have knowledge of many things that are not necessarily true.

For example, in other times it was believed that the Earth was flat and if a navigator went all the way, he would fall off it. This was common knowledge, however it was not the truth.

The truth will continue to be true, even if it is not known; while the knowledge you have may or may not turn out to be true.

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