Difference Between Law and Justice

“Law” and “justice” are two concepts that are often assumed inseparable, so much so that there are a large number of people who are confused as to the difference between them and use both words interchangeably without taking into consideration some differentiating elements between one and the other.  Difference Between Law and Justice

If you also have doubts about it or want a little more information, keep reading, because below we offer you a clear explanation of what the difference between justice and law is.

LAW  Difference Between Law and Justice

Laws are a set of rules and guidelines established by social institutions with the objective of regulating the behavior of the citizens of a nation. Said briefly and clearly, the laws are those that indicate what can and cannot be done.

Once the laws are put to a vote, the citizens’ representatives determine whether or not they are applicable and in the end they are accepted or rejected. Then, when they are established in the country’s constitution, they have to be complied with in order to avoid the penalties imposed by the justice system in cases of disobedience.

The punishment that is received for the breach of a law is determined by the importance that is given to it within the country.


On the other hand, the concept of justice is based on those of equality, law , ethics and morals; thus this concept reflects the idea that all individuals should be treated in the same way.

Its relationship with the laws is given by the fact that it is considered that they should be the same for everyone, that is, if someone with good social status commits a crime, they should be punished in the same way as someone who would be punished. not have the same status. Likewise, justice is not supposed to discriminate based on aspects such as ethnicity, religion, political ideology, creed, caste … of a person. Hence it is said that not all laws are always fair, because for example; In the United States, slavery of people of color was once completely legal (the law allowed it).

Ultimately, justice has more to do with the sense of morality, while the laws even though they are supposed to be fair; sometimes they may be determined more for the convenience of the particular state or even for the benefit of a particular group within that state.

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