Difference between Lobster and Crab

Crabs and lobsters are marine animals of great commercial importance. The former are eaten around the world and the latter are considered as exotic food, which is why within shellfish; lobsters are quite expensive. Difference between Lobster and Crab

If you thought lobsters and crabs were the same, better read on; because below we explain what is the difference between crabs and lobsters.

CRABS   DifDifference between Lobster and Crabference between Lobster and Crab

True crabs can be identified by their small abdomens that are mostly hidden under the thorax.

Crabs are crustaceans and belong to the order of the Brachyura. We can find them in places like the oceans, fresh waters, land, and tropical areas. also, the diet they eat is quite healthy; they regularly eat smaller plants and animals.


  1. Rock  Crab
  2. Snow Crab
  3. Spider Crab
  4. European Green Crab
  5. Jonah Crab
  6. Chesapeake Blue Crab
  7. Dungeness Crab
  8. King Crab
  9. Florida Stone Crab

LOBSTERS Difference between Lobster and Crab

On the other hand, lobsters can be easily distinguished from crabs thanks to their size; which is much older. Lobsters are large crustaceans that belong to the Nephropidae and Homaridae families. They have ten legs and the two front legs are modified into two large pincers.

Like crabs, lobsters are omnivorous, commonly eating fish, mollusks, worms, algae, and other crustaceans.

Finally, lobsters live in the oceans, rocky places, sandy places, on the shores of beaches …


  1. Spiny Lobsters
  2. Norway Lobsters
  3. Squat Lobsters
  4. Furry Lobsters
  5. Reef Lobsters
  6. Australian Lobsters
  7. Pacific Lobsters
  8. Canadian Lobsters
  9. Maine Lobsters

Difference between lobsters and crabs

  • Lobsters are larger and have more legs than crabs.
  • Lobsters are more expensive than crabs.
  • Lobster claws are larger than crabs.
  • Lobsters have tails and crabs don’t. 

In this article I have tried to discuss the proper definitions of crabs and lobsters and highlight their main differences, I hope you all were get it better.


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