Difference between Merit and Distinction

We all have goals that we would like to achieve and some are achieving them in one way or another. Within the academic field is where many times this need to want to meet our objectives and accumulate achievements manifests itself in a more intense way, perhaps due to the strong competition that we have to face in that context.  Difference between Merit and Distinction

When the goals are reached, it is said that success in life has been achieved and two related elements are merit and distinction; concepts that although they share certain similarities are different.

If you have doubts about it or want a little more information, keep reading, because here we explain what the difference between distinction and merit is.

MERIT  Difference between Merit and Distinction

Merit refers to the fact of performing a task, activity or action so well that it is necessary to recognize or praise the performance. In general, when someone is meritorious in something they receive awards for their good work, however, sometimes these awards are not physical; rather, they have to do with recognition before others.

To affirm that someone has merit in something is to recognize the value and excellence of that person in the performance of the action that he executes. If it’s in a classroom, the credit basically shows that one person put in more effort than others and did a very good job.


On the other hand, a distinction is an honor given to a person who is so good at something that he is completely different from others; Thus, when someone is distinguished beyond giving them awards, they are given special treatment.

Within the academic environment, it is common for distinctions to be made to teachers or people with certain authority and not to students, who are recognized with merits.

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