Difference Between Mission and Vision

All organizations, regardless of the service they offer, embody their goals and objectives in the statutes “mission” and “vision”; however, although both statutes describe different purposes, many people are confused and do not fully understand why it is necessary to understand the difference.  Difference Between Mission and Vision 

If you also have doubts about it or just want a little more information to expand your knowledge, keep reading, because below we tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

MISSION  Difference Between Mission and Vision 

The statute that describes the mission of a company, company or organization focuses on the present of it, that is, it informs the client or consumer what it is intended to do “now”. It contains the objectives.

It informs about the processes and the level at which they are expected to be carried out for the benefit of the people requesting the services. Define the primary purposes or objectives related to the needs of consumers.


On the other hand, the ” vision ” statute includes the ideal of where the organization wants to be or is visualized in the future. It serves to make the client understand why one works as one works in the present and how this is oriented to the future. It contains the goals.

Finally, clarity and the lack of ambiguity are two important elements when it comes to shaping the vision and mission of an organization; since in this way it can be achieved that the consumer places greater trust in the work of those who offer the services.

In this article I have tried to discuss and explain the proper definition of mission and vision and also highlight their main differences. I hope you all will get it better.

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