Difference Between Morbidity and Mortality

When it comes to our health and well-being there are many concepts that we need to know, since when we talk about these topics it is common for us to use them and if we do not know very well what each one describes, we will possibly use them incorrectly and we will not be able to express our ideas clearly enough. Difference Between Morbidity and Mortality

In this sense, today we have decided to clarify for you the difference between two concepts widely used in the field of medicine and in all conversations related to health and diseases. Here we tell you what is the difference between mortality and morbidity.

MORBIDITY  Difference Between Morbidity and Mortality

In this case, the word morbidity refers to the unhealthy state of an individual. It has to do with the presence of diseases and different conditions that can ruin our health. If it is intended to know the morbidity rate of an area, what is calculated is the incidence of diseases in that population or geographic location during a year. The data collected is organized according to gender, area, age and type of disease.

It is important to remember that the term morbidity can apply to a single individual or to an entire group, in addition, there is also something called comorbidity; which refers to the presence of two or more diseases that affect the same time.

The morbidity rate will also depend on the disease in question, as some diseases are highly contagious, while others are not. Also, some diseases or problems are more likely to occur in certain demographic groups that have particular characteristics that distinguish them from others.


On the other hand, mortality is something worse than morbidity in the sense that it refers to the state or fact itself of being mortal (being able to die). In this sense, the mortality rate is nothing more than the number of deaths within a population.

All humans are mortal (until now we cannot avoid death), hence the importance of knowing more about the mortality rate in each area; because these data in turn provide us with other information about changes that could occur to avoid loss of life.

The mortality rate takes into account the total deaths in a year, per 1,000 individuals. The death rate is the opposite of the birth rate, however, the two are almost always related and compared in research.

Finally, there are many types of mortality rates, for example, there is the infant mortality rate, the maternal mortality rate, the mortality rate by gender but they are all used to understand more precisely everything about global health and well-being. .

Key differences between morbidity and mortality

  • Morbidity has to do with the diseases that affect an individual or population, while mortality refers to the number of deaths that occur in a population over a period of time.

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