Difference Between Newspaper and Magazine

Communication is an aspect of great importance within human society, which is why over time the most diverse means have been invented with the aim of facilitating said activity. Difference Between Newspaper and Magazine

Due to their popularity or the ease with which some people even confuse them, below we will talk about two print media whose purposes and formats are different, despite the fact that they share one or another similarity. It’s about the newspaper and the magazine.

If you do not know what the difference is between a magazine and a newspaper , keep reading, because we will detail it below.

NEWSPAPER  Difference Between Newspaper and Magazine

The appearance of the newspaper dates back to the times of Julius Caesar. At that time the newspapers or newspapers were not as we know them today, but they were in the form of scrolls and were read in front of the public to inform them of the most important things that were happening or the most relevant events of the moment.

In 59 a. C. the first newspaper called ‘Acta Diurna’ was created. However, today newspapers are far from what they once were and have characteristics that distinguish them from other media such as magazines. For example, as far as appearance is concerned; These are longer than magazines and the quality of the sheets is usually lower than that of the latter. Also, the color and texture seen in newspapers is different, since the latter are generally much more colorful.

In addition to the distinctions regarding appearance, the content of newspapers is different from that found in magazines. The topics covered in these are generally more serious, although they cover a wide variety of topics ranging from business to sports.

Unlike magazines, newspapers circulate and expire daily. Their price is usually cheaper than that of the first ones and the public to which they are directed is usually greater.


On the other hand, magazines began to appear in the 18th century and at first they were published with the purpose of providing leisure time to people; It was not until years later that they became an important means of communication and entertainment.

In addition to the aforementioned elements, magazines are distinguished from newspapers by the way they are designed to be read (they usually come in book form) and by the way they are written (a less formal tone is usually used depending on the type) .

Also, the printing process of magazines is much more expensive than that of newspapers due to the amount of colors that they normally incorporate; also the frequency with which they are published is not the same as the case of the latter, since they can be launched weekly, monthly and even annually.

In conclusion, newspapers generally provide a broader spectrum of information than magazines and have a larger and more varied audience; however, magazines tend to focus on specific topics and thus win over many consumers.

Similarity to be highlighted:  both media are supported by advertising.

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