Difference Between Perfume and Deodorant

All of us, or at least most of us, want to look beautiful and smell good; For these reasons, many beauty and cosmetic treatments have been invented that promise us a better appearance, and thousands of perfumes, colognes and deodorants have also been created. Difference Between Perfume and Deodorant

People enjoy choosing from such a variety of products , but sometimes deep down they don’t even know what makes them different from each other.

If you also have doubts about it or just want a little more information, keep reading, because below we will explain what the difference between deodorant and perfume is.

DEODORANT  Difference Between Perfume and Deodorant

Deodorants are known to prevent or reduce bad body odors, odors that are generated by perspiration. Sweat by itself does not smell at all, however, when it is combined with some bacteria present in our body, it generates really unpleasant odors.

Deodorants do not eliminate perspiration (although in some cases they reduce it), but they fight bad odors. They are generally alcohol-based products, although they can also be made using antimicrobials, triclosan, and other compounds.

Perfume or scent oils are often added to deodorants in order to make the fragrance last longer or to offer consumers a wide range of scents to choose from.


On the other hand, perfume is a mixture of oils with fragrances or aromas, solvents and other compounds. In ancient times they were prepared by mixing various natural oils. These oils were extracted from plants and flowers.

The use of perfume began to gain great popularity in the early sixteenth century, when the Crusades returned from the Middle East claiming to have acquired the secret to creating fragrances from Europe.

Today, most perfumes are made by mixing aromatics, ethanol, and water. When the concentration of aromatic oils increases, the smell of the perfume becomes more intense and lasts longer. About 25% of the perfume consists of a concentrate of essential or aromatic oils.

Finally, taking into consideration all the aforementioned, we can point out the following differences between deodorant and perfume:

  • The percentage of essential oils is higher in perfumes than in deodorants.
  • The degree of alcohol is higher in deodorants than in perfumes.
  • The smell of perfumes is generally stronger than that of deodorants.
  • Normally deodorants are only used in the armpits, while perfumes are used in different parts of the body (neck, hands, wrists), hair and clothes.
  • The main purpose for which perfume is used is to display a certain fragrance, while deodorants are often used with the aim of reducing body odors.
  • Perfumes are more expensive than deodorants.

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